It happened!

The house is sold and we did the official key transfer at the notary today.

We are now “homeless” by the most strict definition of the word 🙂

We have officially traded in four brick walls for four polyester ones; multiple rooms for a single one, a garden for… One lonely plant in the caravan?

It is painful to let go of all the hard work we put into this house for the last few years. We spent (too?) much time on the house and – most of all – the gardens.

However, what we get back is our freedom. The freedom to go anywhere, try anything, do what we want to do. And what we want to do has not changed.

Our New Path

We will still set out to create a sustainable, rural tourism business that aims to do things differently without large sacrifices in terms of comfort, cost, or otherwise. And we still call this Mission Paradise.

That being said, dreams are dreams, but reality is reality. Over the last few months, the reality of what we want to do has started to sink in. We realise that this will be a long, long journey. Not only literally (we have to travel at least 1700km from the Netherlands to Spain!), but mostly figuratively. We will not accomplish this overnight, or even within a few years.

However, as a Chinese proverb prescribes:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Selling this house was a giant step for us. However, I’m sure that we will look back later and realise that it was only just the beginning.

Right now, we will be staying with my dad for a couple of days to finish up some work on the caravan. We will take the second step around the 9th of February when we start our trip to Spain.

Come along for the ride if you like: we will post much more frequently from that moment onwards!

Handing over the keys of our house to the new owners at the notary
Handing over the keys to our house at the notary