The clock is ticking.

In less than two weeks, we will hand over the keys to our home of almost four years. We are extremely busy with arranging everything that comes with this. Fortunately, I (Jochem) just had my last day at work last Wednesday the 18th, which means that I have much more time now to spend on all the things that we need to do still.

If you are ever thinking of selling your home and starting a (caravan) adventure, make sure to start early with all preparations! We made a daily planning about three months ago, listing everything that we needed to do before selling the house. If you want to see our planning as an example, click here.

However, of course we are delayed and have a LOT to do still these last days. The Panic Monster has reared its ugly head and is screaming at us:

Get Rid of Your Shit NOW!!!

The most important lesson we learned in the past few months is to really consider how many material things we actually need.

Alba and I actually used to be much more minimalistic. Heck, we met in New Zealand when all of our belongings still fit in a suitcase!

However, when we bought this house we both gained a tendency to feel settled down and create a home. And for us that meant filling up every room, making the place look nice, and thus we fell into the trap of gathering too many things.

We started months ago already with getting rid of the ‘big ones’ like our sofa, TV, bed, and other expensive/bulky things. Yet, we still have a long way to go. A week and a half before we hand over the keys to our house!

Even the desk that I’m currently writing this on still needs to go…

Fortunately, the glass is half full: we did manage to get rid of a lot already!

And what a rush this brings! Every time another thing leaves our house, we both get such a good feeling. One less thing to drag around, care for, and find a place for!

If you’d ask me for tips, I would say: just don’t buy much in the first place! What material things besides food and water do you really need?

I’d say, a roof over your head (preferably warm/cool depending on your climate, and with a bathroom!), a nice bed, and a place to sit down.

Anything else is extra.

Anyways, I have more Marktplaats ads to write, so I have to round off this blog post. The next one will follow soon!