Hey everyone!

Big news from us – I’ve taken the plunge and launched an Instagram account for Beautiful Bergueda! Check it out!

I know, I know, in the age of social media, starting an Instagram account isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but hear me out. My personal goal is to post a photo or video every day. Ambitious? Absolutely. Possible? We’ll see 🙃 At least the barrier to post is smaller than posting for this blog, as my writing frequency is infamous by now.

At the same time, Alba is gearing up to bring some of her writing to the blog (something to look forward to, I promise!). That means I’ll be the one behind the camera and the Instagram handle. Expect lots of scenic shots, the occasional over-filtered sunset, and maybe even a selfie or two if I’m feeling particularly brave.

Furthermore, it’s paperwork galore over here. I’ve been juggling work, finding clients, and making my life in Spain more “official.” Yep, I’ve opened a bank account – thrilling stuff, right? And starting from tomorrow, I’ll be officially an ‘autonomo’ in Spain(self-employed/freelancer/ZZP’er/whatever). I can almost hear the cheers from the tax office! 😆

On the language front, my Catalan is improving, slowly but surely. I’m at that stage where I can order coffee without causing a scene, and that’s progress in my book.

And Juna? She’s as lovely as ever, blissfully unaware of bank accounts and social media strategies, living her best dog life. Seriously though, she can FINALLY walk off leash around here. I never thought I’d see the day, and I’m dead serious there!

So, that’s the newest news 😄

Follow us on our new Instagram journey at BeautifulBergueda, where I’ll be posting our adventures and misadventures, all while trying to keep up with the daily post challenge. It’s going to be an interesting ride, and Alba and I love to have you along for it!

– Jochem