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Living Rurally: Our Journey in a Masia in the Catalan Pyrenees

Time flies when I (Alba) look out the small window of Cal Sort while sitting on the sofa with Juna. I look through to see the vast forest of Vallcebre. The dark blue sky, the autumn colors, the pear tree in front of our new rural life in this Catalan Masia… A what?? Yes, you...... Read More

Berguedà Through a New Lens

Join our Instagram journey at Beautiful Bergueda! Daily posts of scenic beauty, life in Spain, and our dog Juna's adventures!... Read More

Building a Base in Beautiful Bergueda

Hi everyone! Yes, despite the rumours, we are still alive and kicking! I know, I know. I’ve taken (too) long to write a new blog post. But hey, I have a good excuse- I mean, reason. The pace of this adventure is changing. At the time of writing my last post, we were about to...... Read More