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Going from a dream to reality

Hello from the chilly and wet pre-Pyrenees! I’m writing this post sitting next to our heating, on a Sunday morning (note from future Jochem: and I continued writing in the afternoon 🙂 ). It’s pretty cold outside actually, for May. About 7 degrees Celsius when I went out to walk Juna after waking up. Just...... Read More

Living and working in a caravan

What is it like to live in a caravan? Happy Easter everyone! As you could read in our last post, we have a relatively fixed schedule during the week now, and we spend quite a bit of time inside the caravan. Before we left the Netherlands, we were not sure what to expect from this...... Read More

A New Post and a New Routine

We are back! It has been long time between blog posts! We are slowly settling into a new rhythm: working and living in our caravan. The past few weeks have thus been very different from the preceding weeks. First of all, we have not moved the caravan since our last post. We are still in...... Read More