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Berguedà Through a New Lens

Join our Instagram journey at Beautiful Bergueda! Daily posts of scenic beauty, life in Spain, and our dog Juna's adventures!... Read More

Building a Base in Beautiful Bergueda

Hi everyone! Yes, despite the rumours, we are still alive and kicking! I know, I know. I’ve taken (too) long to write a new blog post. But hey, I have a good excuse- I mean, reason. The pace of this adventure is changing. At the time of writing my last post, we were about to...... Read More

From Mountain Peaks to Cake Crumbs

Why You Haven’t Heard from Me: An Ode to Overfilled Calendars and Overflowing Coffee Cups Yes, dear readers, I confess. I’ve been AWOL. But before you send out the search parties or sling accusatory glares at your screens, let me assure you – it’s not you, it’s me. Or, more accurately, it’s the wild whirlwind...... Read More