Why You Haven’t Heard from Me: An Ode to Overfilled Calendars and Overflowing Coffee Cups

Yes, dear readers, I confess. I’ve been AWOL. But before you send out the search parties or sling accusatory glares at your screens, let me assure you – it’s not you, it’s me. Or, more accurately, it’s the wild whirlwind of life that swept us off our feet these past few weeks. So buckle up, grab a cup of coffee (or two), and let’s delve into the depths of my tardiness – because as it turns out, an overfilled calendar can lead to adventures as abundant as the stars in the sky (and an unfortunate shortage of blog posts).

Celebrating Alba: Because One Birthday Party is Never Enough

Our tornado of events began with the two weekends dedicated to Alba. The first of these was a cozy family affair, where we spent the days chatting away and adding some drinks to that in the evening. The second weekend hosted a swarm of Alba’s friends, a tornado of chatter that could give a hurricane a run for its money. At least, that what it felt like for me with all the Catalan 😉

Now, if you’re wondering why we had two birthday parties for Alba, let me let you in on a secret. When you’re as loved as she is, one celebration simply doesn’t cut it. And after all, why should we limit the birthday spirit to just one weekend when we can stretch it out and double the cake? (Anyone who suggests it’s because I have an insatiable sweet tooth will be promptly and firmly blocked from my blog).

Lunch with the family!
Showing Vikki’s parents our caravan.
An afternoon with friends.
Time to cut the delicious birthday cake. Sweet tooth what?

Andorra: Where the Mountains Call

Following the birthday bonanzas, we took our breathless selves to Andorra for a long weekend. Now, if you haven’t been to Andorra, picture this: towering mountains kissing the sky, lush valleys cradling quaint towns, and air so fresh you’d swear you’re inhaling pure life. It’s like being in a postcard, but with better food and the chance to actually climb the scenery.

Now why would we ever want to go there, right? Well, it wasn’t just to touch the landscape (which we did on a beautiful hike). It was also to check out the – recently renter-free – apartment that Alba and her family have there. Now, don’t imagine some luxury place with amazing views. Think smaller. Think walk-in closet with a bathroom. That gets a bit closer to what it is. But the location is good and it’s very cozy!

Alba and I will probably stay there for a couple of months after summer and fix up the place, modernise it a little and it could use a fresh coat of paint. After that, it’s up to Alba and her family whether they want to rent it out again or sell it, but at least it gives us a moment out of the caravan in the middle of winter!

Andorra’s scenery ♡♡♡
Juna makes her first Andorran (dog) friend!

More Mountain Moments

Back in Bergueda our cravings for the outdoor life didn’t stop when we crossed the border back to Spain. Oh no. We yearned for wild camping in the mountains, now that I had brought back our tent and other camping gear from the Netherlands.

So -last Wednesday – we made a 2-hour ascent with Juna, wildcamping in a luscious green field with nothing but the sky for our roof and a view of the valleys below. We traded in cozy beds for bumpy ground and emptied a small bottle of red wine while enjoying the sounds of nature. The next morning we trekked down again, stopping for a coffee in town before heading back to work.

A wonderful mini-adventure!

Our camp for the night. Though the backpacks were a tad heavy, we loved every second of this adventure!

The Wedding: When Lluismi and Vikki Tied the Knot

Just as we returned, dusting off our boots and reminiscing about the symphony of night critters, we dove into the whirlpool of Lluismi & Vikki’s wedding. It was a flurry of beautiful vows, laughter, and enough happy tears to fill the Mediterranean. We danced and we celebrated deep into the night with all their best friends and the family. The day after – yesterday for us now – we took two boats out into the sea and enjoyed the sunshine and warm waters. All in all, an amazing weekend.

A little wedding preview. We’re looking forward to seeing the photographer’s photos, as we’ll hopefully have some good pictures of Alba & me in there as well!
Enjoying the Mediterranean ♡♡♡

So there you have it, the grand explanation for my writing hiatus. Our days were fuller than a commuter train during peak hour, our nights brighter than a midsummer moon. But worry not. As the dust settles on our latest adventures, I promise more steady updates. Stay tuned for our next blog post, where we’ll venture deeper into our mission plans – because no adventure is complete without a touch of mystery, right?

Un saludo!

Alba & Jochem

Oh yeah, (even) more pics!

Cirque du Soleil in Andorra!
Catalan flag on the summit where we spent the night!
Mediterranean sea.
Enjoying life at the campsite 100%!
Alba & I: “Wow, let’s touch the history that’s in these stones…”
Juna: “Me tooooo!”
And they say cats tend to walk all over your keyboard? Well, Juna will take your mouse!
And your camping chair!
Super Adventure Dog!
Wouldn’t you like to start your working day like this too?
Best buddy!
Taking Alba out for her birthday – without friends or family for a moment 🙂
Cheers from the Pyrenees!