Do you wanna join me in contributing to a better life for animals?

Animals are my passion and one day I hope to find a career that contributes to animal welfare. For now I am actively involved with local organisations that look after the happiness of mistreated animals.

Hogar El Chaparral is one of them. I will soon turn 30 years old and I realised I do not need anything because I have everything I need. Thus I am asking my friends, my family and whoever wants to contribute to a good cause:

“Make me happy by joining me in this cause. Knowing that the animals in Hogar El Chaparral will continue having a great life is the best gift you can give me. Whether you donate little or a lot to the cause you will make a great impact. Thank you! :)”

The Facebook fundraising ended on 23/06/2019. You can still contribute actively to the cause by joining the Teaming group for only €1 / month. Click on the button below for more info: