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Mission Paradise

Everything about our mission to create PARADISE

Our Journey from the Netherlands to France

The first three full days of life on the road with our caravan.... Read More

It is official: We are on our way!

We left the Netherlands! It took some time, but it happened! So what have we been up to for these last few weeks? First of all, selling the house and getting rid of all that stuff definitely took a toll on us. We arrived at my (Jochem) dad’s home on the 31st feeling happy but...... Read More

Bye-bye house, hello new home!

It happened! The house is sold and we did the official key transfer at the notary today. We are now “homeless” by the most strict definition of the word 🙂 We have officially traded in four brick walls for four polyester ones; multiple rooms for a single one, a garden for… One lonely plant in...... Read More