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Building a Base in Beautiful Bergueda

Hi everyone! Yes, despite the rumours, we are still alive and kicking! I know, I know. I’ve taken (too) long to write a new blog post. But hey, I have a good excuse- I mean, reason. The pace of this adventure is changing. At the time of writing my last post, we were about to...... Read More

Changing winds: A New Step on our Path

A life of inspiration, hard work, and uncertainty is what we lead. However, a glimpse of certainty lies on the horizon as we swap a house on two wheels for one made of stone!... Read More

From Mountain Peaks to Cake Crumbs

Why You Haven’t Heard from Me: An Ode to Overfilled Calendars and Overflowing Coffee Cups Yes, dear readers, I confess. I’ve been AWOL. But before you send out the search parties or sling accusatory glares at your screens, let me assure you – it’s not you, it’s me. Or, more accurately, it’s the wild whirlwind...... Read More