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Our old homepage can finally make room for a new one. This is what our USA adventure was summed up:... Read More

[Postponed] Going back on the road!

[Update 18.02.2021] This trip was postponed twice! First because we bought a house in 2019. Then all travelling had to be cancelled in March 2020 due to the Corona virus situation. This setback has also brought positive outcomes to our lives. We have explored the Netherlands with new refreshing eyes and encouraged us to try...... Read More

Flying home

So here we are, ready to fly back from LA to Amsterdam. We packed the bikes already in San Francisco, and repacked them again (with extra bubble wrap) yesterday at Lluismi’s (Alba’s brother) place. If it were up to me (Jochem), I would keep on cycling to Mexico City and beyond, but alas. Maybe some...... Read More