A little update again – little, just because these pre-departure posts are so boring… I mean, because we don’t have any readers yet? Well, anyhow, we want to make sure that we do write an update every now and then of course.

So, where are we, literally and figuratively?

Literally, we are staying in our caravan for a few days to “test the waters”. A whole 44km south of our home at a charming campsite.

We notice already that it’s been a good idea to try everything out before heading to Spain. Driving, or rather, dragging a caravan around is no joke, as we found out. Suddenly you have this wide, long, and heavy behemoth behind your car that demands all your attention. Dragging the caravan takes concentration, reversing it takes balls.

But okay, then you made it alive and well (without killing too many other road users) to your destination. You park this thing, and when that nightmare is over, you have some work to do. Suddenly, all these things you take for granted at home take some preparation. Want heat? Connect your electricity. Want water? Fill your water tanks first. Want to cook? Connect your gas tank.

I’m sure we will develop a bit of a routine in these things at some point. However, since we already managed to drive away once with one of the caravan’s legs still down (we really thought people were just friendly, waving so frantically at us!), it’s probably best to always double-check for now.

All in all though, once all the preparation is done, we are in a very cozy & warm tiny home (super tiny). We will make another post at some point with some of the tips & tricks about caravan-life, but I’m pretty sure that we ourselves still have a lot to learn at this point!

Where we are with our Mission

Okay, so we are enjoying some quality time in our little caravan at the moment, but where are we with our project?

To be honest, everything has slowed down a little as we are so extremely busy with emptying our house. We are trying to get rid of about 75% of all our belongings, which is not easy. It is hard, both emotionally and practically. That sofa that took us many months of searching? Gone now! That gym that we so proudly built only a year ago? All equipment sold already! The TV that Jochem begged Alba for? Sold as well.

However, let us tell anyone that is ever thinking of doing anything similar this already: every thing that you are attached to can also hold you back. For us at least, every one of those things was hard to give up, but the moment they were out of sight we felt great.

So for now, we don’t have much of a future plan to share yet as we are focused on ridding ourselves of so much our ‘luggage’. Expect more info again soon!