Hi everyone!

Apologies for the radio silence of the last few days. We were cycling through an area without much reception and camping all the time, giving us little chance to connect to the outside world.

We’re now in Eugene, Oregon, taking a day off. It’s the first rest day we have taken since leaving Seattle a week and a half ago, so we figured it was kind of time. Eugene, or at least the city centre, seems to be a bit of an odd town, at least from our European perspective. We’re not sure if it is just our area or not (so take our view with a grain of salt) but there seem to be an incredible amount of homeless/drunk/drug addicted people here. As in, litterally on every corner. During the day it’s not too bad, we only see some every block or two, but last night when walking back to our AirBnB apartment we felt very awkward around so many homeless.

Fortunately the rest of our trip has been a blast so far. Since Astoria we met some amazing people, experienced both simmering hot and cool days, and cycled on both heavily trafficked highways and the quietest country roads imaginable. Want to see them for yourself? Check out the short videos below in which we look forward and backwards on our trip so far!