Here I go with my first post! Jochem has been keeping you up to date on our trip while I figured out how I feel about it.

As you may know this is my first bike trip. And to be honest I was not sure I was going to make the first week. Well, I would like to inform you that I survived it! Today it’s the seventh day we are on the road and you know what is the most precious thing to do at the end of the day? To take a shower!! And guess what: Oregon state park campgrounds have free awesome shower facilities. I think that and the people we are meeting here is making Oregon one of our favourite states so far.

For instance, we met Nancy in Manzanita on Friday and learned that she was travelling with the whole neighbourhood. On Saturday we met Dedra and her whole family at Castle Rock. They had rented the whole campground but they welcomed us to stay over which, after cycling 80km, I very much appreciated!

Yes, I know, what about the cycling? To put it simple, it is awesome! It is just amazing how you get to connect with people when you are travelling by bike. About the physical challenge, so far so good. I think the key is to build it up slowly and let your body to get used to the weight of the bike and luggage. Get a good sleep every night and tell yourself you can do it! If you are not in shape, just like me, a good bicycle and adequate gear will help so do invest on those, you will not regret it!