Cycling through the woods was so amazing that we regretted for a moment to be back on the coast. This was before we started sailing with the coastal winds!

When I set off on this journey with Jochem I thought the best days were the sunny ones and the worst enemy was called rain. Guess what… sunny days become tedious, sweaty, hard days and your best friend is called tail wind.

Reward yourself

We have been literally blown away by the wind for the last two days. In consequence we are a day ahead of our schedule and I took advantage of this fact to suggest a Motel Break. On this trip I am highly appreciating to sleep in a bed and to have certain privacy but after a day I already want to be back on my wheels and start rolling down the road.

Keep your mind focused

What a feeling to challenge your body and mind every day, you got to try it sometime! I never cycled long distances for so many days in a row. The way you travel it changes the way you think. For instance, trucks and cars are not my besties at the moment. Too many drivers do not understand how a cyclist feels when they pass you at more than 50km/h. It’s scary and dangerous. But if you keep focused and confident you get to enjoy landscapes such the ones we show you on our new video.

Check it out!

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