Again we had the luxury to be disconnected from the world! We had no signal at any of the places we stayed overnight so that made it very difficult to keep you all posted! Our apologies but here is the big news: we are in California!

We crossed the Californian border on a cloudy 22nd of May. And we did not find the sunny California that we had anticipated… the weather only got worse. We entered the Californian Redwoods through a foggy highway and spent the three days in there. If it weren’t for the wild forests we would have thought we were back in the grey Netherlands.

Californian Redwoods

What an amazing wilderness in these woods! I convinced Jochem to take a break from the cycling to go and explore the trails in the Redwoods. We did a hike to Fern Canyon which took us about six hours return. Surrounded by giant trees, walking barefoot through the canyon itself (the visitors centre forgot to tell us that the seasonal bridges were not placed yet but the water was low enough to ford) we ended up on a beautiful beach. An ancient feeling in the air. No wonder Jurassic Park was filmed here!

Seeing the doctor in America

Now we are taking it easy. Jochem seemed to have an eye infection. Thus we visited the emergency room in Garberville yesterday afternoon. Three hours later we were told that it was viral and there was not much that could be done… luckily our travel insurance covers all costs (the bill will probably go up to $500). How lucky to have good health insurance!

Jochem is feeling a bit better now. Check the video below to witness he is still alive 🙂