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Changing winds: A New Step on our Path

A life of inspiration, hard work, and uncertainty is what we lead. However, a glimpse of certainty lies on the horizon as we swap a house on two wheels for one made of stone!... Read More

Plou i fa sol

Our new life has its ups and downs. We love where we are, but our Mission looks further away from us than ever. At the same time though, we are having the time of our lives!... Read More

A Chautauqua on the Road

On our way to the Pyrenees Back again with another post! This time I (Jochem) am writing to you on the way to our next destination: Gósol. This is a small town next to the impressive Pedraforca; an emblematic mountain in Catalonia. Amazing pictures will surely follow in the next post! 🙂 The reason that...... Read More