Hello non-existent readers!
(although you might exist soon)

We thought it would be a good idea to make our first post a little about the who, the what, the how, and the why. After all, we made a really amazing-looking homepage (read: we are experimenting with all the fun toys that our plugins give us) but there’s not much explanation on what this website is about or what we’re doing.


Read our about page!


jetago (Jochem & Alba Go) is a blog about our trips and lifestyle. For the next month or so, it will be focused on our upcoming bicycle tour in the USA. We’ll use this as a nice way to keep our friends and families up to date!


Writing will certainly not be the only way in which we will share content. Most importantly, we will try to upload as many videos on Youtube as we can during our trips. Moreover, we’ll use Instagram and Flickr to post photos, and Twitter for smaller updates. Everything will be visible on Jetago.org, but if you would like to receive updates on new content right away, don’t hesitate to subscribe/follow us on those other channels.


The aforementioned bike tour is a discovery trip for us. Our first project together in which we are trying to share all the excitement and doubts that come with stepping out of our comfort zones and onto our bicycles!