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We made it to Oregon!

Hi everyone! We’ve been camping in state parks the last two nights so we haven’t had any signal with which to post stuff with. However, today we crossed a super long and dangerous (high-speed traffic and no shoulder) bridge into Oregon. Check out the video below!... Read More


Hi everyone! We’ve survived our first two days of cycling through (A)merica! Just 80km done since Seattle, but we’re slowly warming up and will do 60 today, from Shelton (where we are now) to a campground in Lake Sylvia State Park. Last night we slept at a motel, something which was on our to-do list...... Read More


We’re here! After a long flight we finally landed in Seattle the say before yesterday. We asssembled the bikes without much difficulty and cycled 22km from the airport to our AirBnB in a suburb called Nort Admiral. We spent some time yesterday seeing the city and buying some last stuff for the trip. We still...... Read More