I am a newbie to bike touring. Jochem tried to convince me for almost four years and eventually succeeded! I am so happy that he can be so persistent. We got on our first four-week tour in May 2018 and cycled 1,800 km mostly following the Pacific Coast route from Seattle to San Francisco.

The day I saw the Golden Gate Bridge I could not believe it. I had not broken down. I had pedalled all the way to San Francisco! We headed to the bridge and right before crossing it Jochem asked me if I would do another bike trip with him. And I said: YES!

Unfortunately he has proof of it… so I have no way to take my words back (check out minute 1:06 on our last video of the trip). So here we go again, getting ready for our trip from Arnhem to Bern in August 2019. This time there is one big challenge for me. We will have to climb some mountains! Will I survive?

I would like to think that turning 30 before this trip will not make me feel older 😀 Just in case I will try to train a little. This time I am not afraid of the physical challenge so I got a new little project: I want to fundraise for the Horses Sanctuary Hogar el Chaparral. If you want to know more about this challenge and the causes we support visit our Fundraising page.